Flying is not a dream for few people!

Buying guide

About product:

Our products are integrated self-developed, manufacture with sales. According to different flying skills, the airplane models have three categories, namely, beginner, intermediates, senior. It may cause airplane crashing because of unfamiliar with its size and improper operation. So you shall purchase appropriate size in order to avoid unnecessary loss.

Delivery time:

1. Normally, we will send goods off after you take order within 24 hours(working day). If your product could not delivery for other reason, our online customer service staff will contact with you in time.
2. Please contact with customer service staff if you want to change forwarding address. If not, we will deliver goods based on your order’s address.
3. Our default delivery means are Zhongtong, Yunda, Shunfeng. If you want to send by other express delivery, contact with onliner service staff. Thank you!

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